Rent your car, cheap car rent!

Rent your car, cheap car rent, when you go on holiday as you may end up paying more for transfers or public transport. Moreover, you will reach all the exclusive spots if you drive on your own.

We strongly suggest you book your car for your holidays at very competitive rates. Here you find the best rates on the market, simply do a test to challenge us!


  • when you compare your booking, be careful of the “fuel” policy. Specifically, the “pre-purchased fuel & return empty” means that you will need to pay (in advance when you pick up the car) a full tank of fuel although you are free to return the car with whatever tank level you have
  • consider adding the “extended cover package”, specially if you get a reasonable price. You will be covered 100% and you do not have to pay a cent more in case of problems. Plus, you do not need to check your car at the pick up and at the return (smart eh!)
  • and finally, do not forget to bring a credit card with you with enough funds to be used as deposit (check with your bank in case of doubts)

Not yet convinced? Mhh…..may we offer you a box of chocolate?

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