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Excursion in Alberobello

 3 hours    Partial access for wheelchairs  
 Kid-friendly tour    9:30  

In this excursion, we will discover one of the most fascinating places of Apulia: Alberobello. We all meet at the parking space on the main street in Alberobello, in front of the restaurant “Osteria del Poeta”. Meeting with the tour guide and...

Excursion in Bari

 3 hours    Wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    9:30  

In this excursion, we venture through the streets of Bari. We meet our guide at the corner between Corso Cavour and Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Walk along the streets of the old town. We will see Piazza Mercantile, Piazza del Ferrarese, the Cathedral of San...

Excursion in Lecce

 3 hours    Wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    9:30, 16:15  

Lecce the city of Baroque. We all meet at Porta Napoli with our tour guide. Porta Napoli is the most characteristic entrance to Lecce. We will continue on Via Palmieri, full of Nobiliary Palaces. Finally, we will see one of the most beautiful works of Italy:...

Excursion in Gallipoli

 3 hours    Wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    16:15  

Guided tour in Gallipoli. Its name comes from the Greek Kalè Polis meaning “beautiful city”. We meet with our guide in front of the Greek Fountain and start the tour with a visit to the 17th-century Cathedral, full of numerous baroque paintings....

Excursion in Otranto

 2.5 hours    Wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    15:30  

Excursion in Otranto, the door to the east. It is the town most east of Italy and represents a point of union of the different cultures of the Mediterranean. We meet at Otranto Harbour Parking with our guide and start our journey. We will visit the ancient...

Boat trip to Porto Selvaggio

 3 hours    Not wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    9:30, 15:00  

If you are on holiday in Salento during the summer, you absolutely cannot miss a sea experience in Porto Selvaggio. This excursion will let you witness one of the most beautiful Regional Parks of South Italy. Boat trip from Porto Cesareo the way down to St....

Boat trip to Punta Prosciutto

 3 hours    Not wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    9:30, 15:00  

Have you ever heard of the Caribbean of Apulia? If you are in the Salento area and you have the sea in your DNA, you should not miss a visit to Punta Prosciutto. In one single excursion you will have the possibility to navigate along the 30 kilometres of...

Boat Trip to Leuca

 5 hours    Not wheelchair accessible  
 Kid-friendly tour    8:30  

Depart from Porto Cesareo near the post office at 8:30am and meet with the tour guide. Bus transfer to Leuca and arrival at the marina. Boat ride to visit the caves in one of the most beautiful sea spots of Apulia. We will do a stop for the bath. Returning...

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