Festival della Valle d’Itria and the beauty of Martina Franca

Valle d’Itria The scenery is magic and to enjoy it all you have to cross towns like Alberobello, a UNESCO world heritage site with its 1400 trulli or Locorotondo, which takes its name from the circular plan of the town, dominated by cummerse, the ancient...

10 Facts about Car Rental that will impress your Friends

10 Things to know before renting a car that will save you time, money, and issues at the pickup.

Explore Central Apulia

TRAVEL RECIPE #2 EXPLORE CENTRAL APULIA 8' Are you a group of friends or a large family? Do you like to have the convenience of a villa with pool all for yourself and at the same time explore beautiful spot? Then,...

The Wildlife of Gargano

TRAVEL RECIPE #3 THE WILDLIFE OF GARGANO 7' Are you a couple or a family? Do you like the sea and unspoiled nature? Do you love hiking and mountain? This travel idea will leave you speechless. The Gargano, the heel of...

Masserie of Apulia

MASSERIE OF APULIA Masserie of Apulia  or farms are rural estate and agricultural lands, reconstructed from the former manors. There are a large number of Masserie in Apulia nowadays. In the area of Ostuni alone there are about a hundred. Each Masseria has its own...

Tourism in Apulia

Welcome to our portal about tourism in Apulia and around. Why Apulia in particular? Well, name one thing and you get it. Be it for its coast and beautiful beaches (Apulia has 865 Km of coasts). Be it for the gastronomy characterized by the freshness of its products or for the production of wine, second region in Italy. Or shall we talk about historic sites? Did you know that Apulia on its own has 3 World Heritage Sites (well, 4 if you also add Matera which is just few km away). And do not forget the religious feature of this region. Imagine that Santa Claus himself (also known as St. Nicholas) is resting in this very region. In short, Apulia has it all: Masserie, Trulli, Gargano, Tremiti Islands, WWF oasis of Torre Guaceto. And then Lecce with its typical Baroque style or Salento and its beaches second only to the Maldives. We have prepared few Travel Ideas for your tourism in Apulia which you can find below and will give you an idea of the activities you can do in this land. Also, have a look at our package tours and excursions already prepared for you.

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