Are you a group of friends or a large family? Do you like to have the convenience of a villa with pool all for yourself and at the same time explore beautiful spot? Then, this is your recipe!
With this recipe you can explore central Apulia and its coasts, the Castellana Caves, the World Heritage site of Alberobello. And then Matera with its “Sassi”, Polignano a Mare with its cliffs. This recipe is based on a stay in one of the farms in the area of Ostuni, reserved all just for you, car rental and day trips to discover the most charming places of Apulia.


  • Book a villa from those indicated in the map: you can choose between 8 different villas from 6 to 16 beds. On this page you will also find indicative prices for a week of the various properties
  • Book a flight: we recommend the airport of Bari or Brindisi. In the sidebar you will find two applications for searching flights (Momondo and Google Flights).
  • Rent one or more cars for the time that you need. Find great deals here
  • A GPS or a detailed map of Apulia
  • Among other things, bring a hat, suncream and sunglasses. Do not forget that the sun in Italy may cause damage to your skin. Watch Help a Dane

With this recipe, you will stay in your chosen villa, with pool and rooms with private bathrooms. Our staff will arrange the reception on your arrival. After breakfast you can explore the wonders of the area (we report only some of them with information on parking and restaurants) dining out and return in the evening to your property.

The Trulli of Alberobello in Itria Valley, a must see for tourists in Apulia. They are World Heritage Site since 1996. Trulli are built entirely with local stones.

Villa Beds Rate
Masseria San Gregorio 6 €910
Masseria Trullo San Giacomo 7 €1350
Trullo dei Gerani 8 €910
Masseria Bonavita 8 €1120
Masseria Villermosa 10 €2375
Rocca San Giovanni 13 €5450
Masseria Trullo Fiorito 14 €4100

Indicative rates for renting the whole villa from 27th May to 3rd June 2017
Prices do not include the deposit and extra services

Alberobello looks like a fairy tale town. With its typical houses from the conical tip: called Trulli. The Trulli were used as shelter by the farmers, to keep working tools or livestock. Their construction “a secco”, ie without the use of glues, made them easy to build and equally easy to demolish.
GPS: 40°46’56.5″N 17°14’20.9″E
Parking: Paid in the GPS point (€ 6.00 all day)
Restaurants: there are several restaurants within the tourist area of Alberobello. If you like meat, we recommend the grill restaurant “La Fontana 1914” located on the main road coming from the large parking lot.

Ostuni the white city. You will recognize it right away once you are close because it looks like a medieval fortress. Once you get to the city center, park the car (remember where you leave it) and get lost in the labyrinth of its streets. Be sure to visit the Cathedral, which is located at the highest point of the city.
GPS: 40°43’41.2″N 17°34’34.4″E
Parking: Paid in the city center (€ 0.52 per 1 hour)
Restaurants: there are several restaurants in the old town, our favorites are Al Solito Posto, Osteria del Tempo Perso and Porta Nova

Castel Del Monte is one of the symbols of Apulia. It is a castle with an octagonal shape built in 1240. It belonged to Frederick II of Swabia and used as a hunting reserve. Once in the car park, there is a small walk to do (uphill). There is also a shuttle bus from the parking lot (€1.00 return ticket each) which takes you to the Castle. Admission to the castle costs €7.00 for adults and € 3.50 for the boys. Official website
GPS: 41°04’48.2″N 16°16’30.1″E
Parking: Paid in the GPS point (€5.00 per car)
Restaurants: there is a restaurant close to the Castle and a trattoria down to the parking lot. If you’re willing to move, a 30-minute drive away, we can recommend Osteria Cantina Brandi which is really worth (to be booked in advance)

Polignano a Mare is a pearl of beauty of Apulia. The town stands on a cliff from which you can admire the Adriatic Sea. The most characteristic point is the small beach (Lama Monachile) which is accessible by stairs near the bridge. Another characteristic area is the old town close to the sea, where you can find few balconies overlooking the sea.
GPS: 40°59’38.5″N 17°12’56.5″E
Parking: Paid in the GPS point (€ 1.50 per 1 hour)
Restaurants: the town is full of restaurants. Our favorite restaurants are: Pescaria, Mint Cucina Fresca, L’Archibugio and La Balconata (located in the old town with a wonderful sea view)

The Castellana Caves are a complex of karst cavities located in Castellana not far from Alberobello. The most beautiful cave is considered White Cave. You can buy tickets on site with guided tours in your language. There are two paths you can choose. A complete path of 3 km and about 2 hours, and a shorter one of 1km lasting 50 minutes. The White Cave can be visited only with the complete path. Official website
GPS: 40°52’32.3″N 17°08’53.8″E
Parking: free on the border of the road, in the streets of the town and 100 meters away from the Caves
Restaurants: close to the caves there are several dining points. Our favorite restaurants are: Sugar, Osteria del Caroseno and Fè Ristorante (15Km away)

Matera is located in the Basilicata region, but very close to Apulia. A World Heritage site since 1993, the “Sassi” of Matera appear as an ancient and surreal city. When you leave your car, follow the signs “Sassi” and go to the discovery of these dwellings carved into the mountain. After the visit, do not miss a trip to the Belvedere viewpoint (facing the Sassi) to admire the city in full.
GPS: 40°39’46.4″N 16°36’29.8″E
Parking: in the GPS point there is guarded parking. On the road instead, the cost is €0.70 per 1 hour
Restaurants: there are several dining points close to the Sassi. Other restaurants worth mentioning are Regia Corte and L’Abbondanza Lucana

Bari is a metropolitan city located on the sea. There are many things to see and do in Bari but we suggest two in particular: shopping and the old town. Shopping is concentrated between the streets of Corso Cavour, Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Sparano. In this rectangle, you can find a multitude of shops. The old town instead, is known for its basilica dedicated to the patron saint of the city: San Nicola.
GPS: 41°07’41.7″N 16°51’10.3″E
Parking: Paid in the GPS point (€ 1.00 for the whole day and € 0.30 per person for shuttle bus)
Restaurants: in the old town and shopping streets, there are several dining options. Try the local “focaccia” (a typical local pizza). A restaurant to try is Al Pescatore (with seafood specialties)

If you are fond of art and history, a walk in Lecce will not leave you disappointed. Try to get closer to the center, park the car (remember where you leave it) until you reach Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the heart of the city. Visit the Roman amphitheater, the Cathedral, the Castle and the various churches of the city center.
GPS: 40°21’11.6″N 18°10’22.4″E
Parking: Paid in the center (€ 1.50 per 1 hour)
Restaurants: there are several restaurants and bars in the old town, our favorites are Tabisca and Zio Pesce and try at least once the “pasticciotto” of Lecce (a sweet pastry stuffed with cream)

A local proverb says that tourists who come to Apulia cry 3 times: when they arrive, when they leave and when they check their weight. Apulian cuisine is a typical Mediterranean cuisine and very tasty thanks to the goodness of its products. We like to remember:

  • the “Orecchiette”: typical handmade pasta cooked classically with turnip greens
  • Taralli: made with flour, oil and fennel seeds, baked in the oven. You can also find in different flavors
  • Burrata: a mozzarella cheese filled with cream and stracciatella
  • Wines: the most famous are the Primitivo di Manduria, Nero di Troia, Negroamaro, Locorotondo, Salice Salentino, and the list goes on

Please note: the information contained herein is based on individual experiences and may not be entirely correct and/or not up to date. If you spot any error, please let us know by commenting on this article.



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