Do you like to go in search of beautiful and pristine places? Do you love to travel and at the same time the convenience of a comfortable resort for you and your family? So you’re in the right place!
With this recipe, you will explore the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, with crystal clear water. This recipe includes overnight accommodation in a resort with breakfast and dinner, car rental and lunch in another resort among 7 resorts scattered in the north of Sardinia.

INGREDIENTS FOR 4 PEOPLE (2 adults and 2 children)

  • Book a resort among those listed on the map: you can select between 7 resort 3 or 4 stars (send us a request with the button shown below). There are 2 resorts in the area of Stintino (left toe of Sardinia) and 5 resorts in the Santa Teresa area (right part of Sardinia). On this page, you also see the rates for a week for the various resorts
  • Book a flight or a ferry: if you travel by plane, we advise you Alghero airport (for the resorts in Stintino) and Olbia airport (for resorts in Santa Teresa). In the sidebar, you will find two apps for searching flights (Momondo and Google Flights). If you are coming by land, you can book your ferry here to Porto Torres (for Stintino) or Olbia (for Santa Teresa)
  • Rent a car for the time you need. Find the Best Deals here
  • Bring with you an umbrella or a mini tent (or buy one in Sardinia): you will need for your shifts
  • A GPS or a detailed map of Sardinia
  • Among other things, bring with you a hat, suncream, and sunglasses. Bear in mind that the sun in Italy may cause damage to your skin. Watch Help a Dane

With this recipe, you can sleep in your chosen resort, have breakfast, and go every day in search of new beaches. We list here only some of the most beautiful and practical beaches (with services and free beach), but the list is really long. You will have lunch in one of the resorts in the area (7 selected from these and to book the day before) or free lunch (if you chose the half-board). Return in the evening and dinner at the resort.

Pink Beach on the island Budelli. It is located in a protected area. The beach has been inhabited for the past 15 years by only his warden (Mauro Morandi).

Hotel Half Board Full Board
Gallura Beach Village *** €545 €950
Cala Bitta *** €545 €950
Sporting Stintino **** €720 €1200
Hotel Posada **** €770 €1170
Roccaruja Resort **** €810 €1290
Porto Rafael Altura **** €895 €1300
Hotel Shardana **** €975 €1450

Indicative rates for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children 3-13 years) from 27th May to 3rd June 2017
The full board includes “Lunch Around” in any of the resorts above and package “Esse Plus”

Stintino is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia. If you are not already in the area, a visit to Stintino is a must. From the area of Santa Teresa, it takes about two hours to get here. The most beautiful point of Stintino is the Pelosa beach, a small sand dune close to the sea. Stintino is very popular, so try to avoid days such as weekends or holidays. The place can be crowded, but well worth it.
GPS: 40°57’58.8″N 8°12’33.8″E
Parking: Paid along the beach road (€ 1.50 per 1 hour)
Lunch Around: Roccaruja Resort **** at 750 meters

Porto Pollo is a beautiful beach close to Palau. It is located within a few inlets so the sea is usually calm and shallow. The wind is another reason why this place is chosen, especially for windsurfing and kite surfing, which can also be hired on the spot. Porto Pollo is a rainbow of colors and worth spend at least half a day. There are small beach bars that serve very healthy and tasty dishes with decent prices.
GPS: 41°11’34.0″N 9°19’08.3″E
Parking: Paid about 300 meters before the beach (€ 1.00 for 1 hour)
Lunch Around: Porto Rafael Altura **** at 7 Km

The Rena Bianca beach in Santa Teresa di Gallura certainly has its charm. It is accessible through the town and then down the stairs. The spectacle of the bay is unique. The sand is white and very soft with granite rocks spread around. The sea is turquoise and crystal clear water. Usually, the sea is calm in the morning with a few waves in the afternoon (the beach is sheltered from strong winds). There are services, bar and free beach in abundance.
GPS: 41°14’42.4″N 9°11’18.4″E
Parking: Free parking in the town
Lunch Around: Hotel Shardana **** at 4 Km

The beach of Santa Reparata is located near Santa Teresa. It is called “reparata” (sheltered) as it is protected from the winds and the sea is generally very calm. The Shardana hotel overlooks this bay and can be reached on foot. The beach has fine sand and crystal clear sea. The view of the bay is spectacular and inspires to relax. The beach is very wide with facilities and a bar well stocked.
GPS: 41°13’46.4″N 9°10’02.7″E
Parking: Free within the Shardana Hotel or near the beach
Lunch Around: Hotel Shardana **** at 100 meters

Capo Testa is one of the most fascinating places in the north of Sardinia. If you like hiking, there are also some trail paths near the small promontory. Capo Testa can be particularly popular and busy (to be avoided on weekends and public holidays). Parking is limited and subject to charges. Rena di Ponente beach (left of the photo) has some spectacular backdrops with crystal clear waters and rich in fauna.
GPS: 41°14’07.8″N 9°09’40.0″E
Parking: Paid along the beach road (€ 1.50 per 1 hour)
Lunch Around: Hotel Shardana **** at 1500 meters

Baja Sardinia is one of the most renowned beaches of the Emerald Coast. The beach is characterized by a large, long beach, with fine white sand and turquoise waters. The Costa Smeralda is one of the poshest places of Sardinia. In this beach, there are facilities and fine restaurants. If you enjoy good Italian cuisine with no expense spared, you are for sure in the right place, with some fine restaurants right on the beach.
GPS: 41°08’25.2″N 9°28’49.8″E
Parking: Free in the streets behind the beach
Lunch Around: Cala Bitta *** at 2600 meters

Cala Granara is a dream beach. The colors range from cobalt blue to turquoise to crystal clear. The beach is located on the island Spargi, in the archipelago of La Maddalena. Check with your resort for excursions to La Maddalena. Typically you leave by boat from Palau with stops to Budelli island, Cala Granara and La Maddalena. Lunch on board or lunch bag. The cost of the excursion is around €60 each, but well worth it.
GPS: 41°14’04.5″N 9°21’14.5″E
Parking: not available
Lunch Around: not available

The beach of Grande Pevero (and also Piccolo Pevero which is located 500 meters before) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia with unique colors. The beach is very wide with fine white sand. The waters with turquoise color and so clear you can see the fish. There are services and beach bars. If you like hiking, there are some beautiful path trails near the beach.
GPS: 41°06’44.1″N 9°32’46.8″E
Parking: Paid about 300 meters before the beach (€ 1.50 per 1 hour)
Lunch Around: Cala Bitta *** at 10 km

The Sardinian cuisine is a typical Mediterranean cuisine. We would like to mention:

  • Sardinian pecorino: sheep cheese from 12 to 24 months aged.
  • the Sardinian wine: Cannonau aka Grenache (very old red wine) or Vermentino (white wine)
  • Mirto: a typical Sardinian liqueur obtained from plants of Blueberry widespread on the island
  • Carasau bread: typical thin and crispy bread
  • the “Culurgiones”: pasta stuffed with potatoes, cheese, onion and mint

Please note: the information contained herein is based on individual experiences and may not be entirely correct and/or not up to date. If you spot any error, please let us know by commenting on this article.



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