Masserie of Apulia  or farms are rural estate and agricultural lands, reconstructed from the former manors. There are a large number of Masserie in Apulia nowadays. In the area of Ostuni alone there are about a hundred. Each Masseria has its own production of typical products as wine, cheese, butter, bread, sweets and liqueurs. These products are produced for personal consumption or for sale. And all this magnificence can be produced with no doubt with processes that are environmentally friendly.

Many Masseria are being rebuilt and adapted for reception, as “eco-tourism” and “agro-tourism” becomes particularly relevant and popular in our time of stress and bustle. Coming to rest in a place like that, you can spend few days in an atmosphere of privacy and rest in the village, but also get acquainted with the life and watch the production process of simple things. In the Masseria, serenity and isolation from civilization reigns, that is so necessary for the restoration of health and strength. Many Masseria are also suitable for weddings and honeymoons.

Masseria are hosting guests only after passing courses and educational training. All accommodations, even if it is mutated, renovated from a former stable or rural barn, meet all the European standards.

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