The charm of colours, fragrances and flavours makes a holiday in Apulia an unforgettable experience. It will leave you the desire to come back drove by nostalgia and the desire to discover new places of this beautiful Italian region. What characterises Apulia is the beautiful landscapes of the rocky and sandy shores washed by the Adriatic sea and the Ionian sea; but it is also given by the spectacular archaeological sites in the region and the small villages, which demonstrate that Apulia has been conquered by different peoples in history. This history has also shaped the culture and traditions of the people in Apulia and you will find the welcome and the conviviality typical of the region, making it very attractive to tourists.

Apulia, from the colourful coast with high cliffs ending with fascinating depths in crystal clear waters and golden beaches, the hills and the vast fields used to produce oil and wine, both of which are considered among the best in Italy.

Along the coast you will admire the most famous and cozy seaside towns of the region; first of all, Vieste with its fantastic beaches with crystal clear waters and caves off of its coast. Then Peschici, Mattinata, Rodi Garganico and further south Polignano a Mare, Gallipoli, Otranto and many other places that offer relax under the Mediterranean sun and lots of fun through activities that will introduce you to the best of the Apulian coast and its seabed. Activities such as sailing or surfing, kite wind and scuba diving. The natural beauty in the Apulia are not limited to the coast. Exploring inland you will come across vast green fields and woods made up of the several natural parks where you can hike keeping in shape and immerse in the nature. One of the parks that allows you to go trekking in the Gargano is the Umbra Forest, ancient natural park which preserves local fauna and flora. Moreover activities such as horseback riding or cycling can be performed, under the supervision of experienced guides, among the cultivated fields and natural parks with the possibility to cross olive groves and the Mediterranean vegetation. The rural activities in Apulia allow you to visit also the main archaeological sites. The large amount of historical traces of peoples in history shows how this land has been an important place since ancient times. Throughout the region you will find the remains of prehistoric civilisations but also important buildings left by the Greeks and the Romans like amphitheaters or even entire cities brought to light, like Egnazia. But also the passage of important sovereigns has left its mark in the region. Like Castel del Monte erected under the rule of King Frederick II of Swabia, now part of the UNESCO heritage. UNESCO has recognised many other sites in Apulia like the Trulli of Alberobello; for historical beauty and uniqueness of their rustic construction of stones and lime, they are one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. From Gargano to Salento, Apulia has always been a bridge between East and West under the influence of ethnic groups and peoples throughout history which was reflected not only in the culture of the region but also in the religious worship of the profession; the worship of the spiritual figure is often accompanied in the villages and in large population centers in the revival of rituals and celebrations that are proper of the Apulian tradition with parades, festivals and costumes. Among the churches that attract more faithful, we could mention San Michele Arcangelo in Monte Sant’Angelo or San Giovanni Rotondo for the devotion to Padre Pio or Saint Nicholas Basilica in Bari. The tradition in Apulia is known especially for the food; Apulian cuisine stands out for its variety of dishes using the products of the land in full respect of the Mediterranean diet with dairy products such as mozzarella and cheeses, and especially with the local wine. Regarding the wine: in recent years Apulia has been more successful and produced a large number of very competitive wines.

So you just have to come to this fantastic region to know it and live it to the fullest, maybe spending your holiday in a Trullo, or simply in an accommodation just steps away from the sea, or simply on a sailboat.


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