Sailing is a relaxing holiday filled with emotions. Live and enjoy the sea on a boat allows you to experience a completely different adventure in the land of Apulia.

An excursion on a sailboat will allow you to observe the coast by a privileged point of view, to admire the seabed and to explore the more hidden and more spectacular caves, including the cave of the Devil, off the coast of Salento near Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce). The organisers of sailing boat excursions will offer itineraries always new and unusual, so different from the usual holiday, so that you can relax in harmony with the quiet of the sea bringing you a new balance. All of this without missing the opportunity to satisfy your appetite while hiking, in fact you will be offered tastings on board composed of products and wines from the Apulia region.

Relax will be alternate with fun, with activities such as fishing, snorkeling, diving and water games under the careful supervision of the skipper, who will offer you the opportunity to learn the sailing techniques during the crossing.

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