In this section you will find some travel ideas with various solutions, designed for yourself, for your family or for your friends. It is a collection of experiences on the spot. We report technical details about what to see, where it is (with the GPS point), where to park the car, parking costs, recommended restaurants, suggested activities and so on.

Because we believe that the holiday is not just relaxing at a resort, but it is also a whole set of experiences that the individual has in a new place.

Feel free to follow these ideas or to take inspiration from them to create your own idea of a vacation. And do not forget to send us your feedback.

Explore Central Apulia

TRAVEL RECIPE #2 EXPLORE CENTRAL APULIA 8' Are you a group of friends or a large family? Do you like to have the convenience of a villa with pool all for yourself and at the same time explore beautiful spot? Then,...

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The Wildlife of Gargano

TRAVEL RECIPE #3 THE WILDLIFE OF GARGANO 7' Are you a couple or a family? Do you like the sea and unspoiled nature? Do you love hiking and mountain? This travel idea will leave you speechless. The Gargano, the heel of...

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