Trekking and Natural Routes

The charm of a land such as Apulia is specially based on the naturalness of its landscapes, made by typical elements uncorrupted by mankind, which may be found in the region along discovery journeys. A journey that will take you to know the natural parks created to preserve the local fauna and flora, and will allow you to admire the extent of fields thus making the Apulian landscapes ideal for poetry and tranquility.

Given the extraordinary variety of natural scenery, Apulia becomes the ideal place for trekking lovers, who can enjoy quiet walks between parks and green forests to hiking on rural roads with different height levels.

There are many natural parks that offer different paths for trekking, allowing you to cross the forest and observe the organisms that inhabit it and understand the dynamics that regulate it.

The most famous park is undoubtedly the Forest Umbra, which is the green lung of the Gargano thanks to the great variety of vegetation inside, thus creating an ideal habitat for the local wildlife, including deer italicus.

With its long history the Forest Umbra still retains its original mantle of vegetation, with the beech as its predominant plant, at the expense of deforestation and fires that have taken place over the centuries.

Going beyond the Gargano area you may find other national parks, among them it is noteworthy the Forest Mercadante, created by man to protect the city of Bari by rainwater that flow from the hills to the coast.

Within the Alta Murgia National Park, the forest was born in the winter of 1927-28, since the first trees were planted in order to restore the original forest. Today we can admire a dense vegetation that allow you to practice hiking in contact with nature discovering the multitude of animals that have repopulated the woods.

For those who wish to undertake more adventurous itineraries, the Apulian region organizes guided tours that allow you to know the hidden corners and explore the archaeological excavations with different eyes.

Inside the National park of Gargano for example, you can walk kilometers without encountering any trace of human activity: valleys covered by a mantle of vegetation so thick that it seems so impenetrable.

Even places with human activity have a special charm.

Stone landscapes characterized by kilometers of stone walls built with stones taken from the earth, creating a spider web. The undisputed master of these environments is the olive tree, whose presence is consistent for all the Apulian territory, and often accompanied by the typical Mediterranean vegetation.

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