Wedding and Anniversaries

Apulia is a precious place which meets all the ingredients necessary to make a wedding ceremony remarkable. Thanks to its spectacular views, rich in art and culture where food and wine touches levels of excellence and thanks to the size of the picturesque scenery where the region offers the opportunity for lovers to celebrate their day and their romantic holiday in the best ways of relaxation and fun. You can have your wedding, or anniversary, in this land of enchantment relying on professionals who will find the location which more suit you among ancient farmhouses and luxury villas. To make your ceremony more unique in Apulia, you can choose to enrich it with paths between the olive trees, almond trees and typical dry-stone walls common in the area surrounding the hotel where you decided to celebrate your union. You will offer your guests the chance to know the land of Apulia, enjoying the local products and admiring the territory full of Trulli, caves, ancient buildings and millennial archeological sites. The Apulian territory also allows you to create the romantic atmosphere suitable to make a marriage proposal. You will have your opportunity after an afternoon at sea during a romantic dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants on the sea, on the cliffs of the Gargano and Salento or within the Tabucchi restored in restaurants, still breathing the smell of salty air. Otherwise you can walk along the Gargano coast and land in the Baia delle Zagare, with its fantastic view on Arco di Diomede and Finestrella dei Sogni.

Alongside the coast of Apulia you can admire wonderful caves, which can be scene of your proposal, one of these is Grotta Palazzese, near Polignano a Mare (Bari), carved into the limestone by sea erosion. This cave, once called the Cave of the Palace, owes its name to the fact that it was owned by a vassal of the area; it has been a eighteenth-century ballroom donated by the vassal to the village. The access to the cave is very charming and you can reach it by sea or by land, via a narrow staircase carved into the rock, which now leads to one of the most exclusive restaurants in the town.

In case you prefer the hinterland to make your proposal, a romantic walk can do for you. A walk you can make in Alberobello during a day visiting the old houses characteristic of the Apulian countryside, passing through the narrow streets flanked by the cones of Trulli and widening your eyes to the surrounding countryside, rich with olive and local crops .

These and many other places and landscapes in Apulia will make the background to important events, thus having not only a holiday of fun and relaxation, but also the romance that will mark an important stage of your life.

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